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Pilates Instructor

Hi, I’m Anika,

Movement has always been a huge part of my life having started dancing at a young age. My time spent studying dance at WAAPA motivated me to find ways of moving that I genuinely enjoyed and loved, which is why I started Pilates. For me Pilates is a way of moving for everyone and anyone; it is safe and low impact but leaves your muscles with a serious burn.

You’ll see me teaching a variety of classes including Burn, Pilates Power, Pilates HIIT and Restore (stretching). What guides my classes is energy, enjoyment and laughter whilst maintaining your form. I bring my loud and energetic personality to each class and so I shout a few decibels too high. I hope that you are able to enjoy and laugh during my classes (usually at the equally painful and satisfying burn in your muscles!) and that I see you in the studio more than once.


Pilates Instructor

Hi guys I’m Sophie!

Pilates and movement has always been a major part of my life as I grew up a ballet dancer and trained fulltime for 4 years (in hopes to become a professional ballerina!). In 2021, I was a few weeks away from moving to the UK for a professional opportunity with a ballet company when covid unfortunately put a stop to those plans. 

I decided to start my Pilates instructor course through Polestar Pilates shortly after and it was one of the best decisions ever! 

I knew how much Pilates had benefitted me as an elite athlete and wanted to share it with as many of you guys as possible. Coming out of the ballet world, I’m extra passionate about body positivity, strength and confidence and want to help every single client feel their absolute best, mentally and physically, after leaving one of my classes.

At the moment I’m teaching Slow Burn Pilates which is a flowing fusion of low impact movement and full body burn which is guaranteed to leave your muscles on fire!! 

My classes are for everyone and I can’t wait to keep sweating with and getting to know you all 

Sophie x


Pilates Instructor

Hey everyone I’m Amy!

You may have seen me up in the studio, in the jungle or in the Creche.

I started at my very first gym at the age of 15 and have never looked back!

I am a Pilates instructor/group fitness coach while currently studying to expand my knowledge of all things fitness and movement from flexibility to mobility and overall strength.

You can find me teaching mat HIIT, Pilates sculpt and flex-mobility classes up in the studio.

Fitness to me means taking care of your physical/mental well-being and I am grateful to be able to share that through  classes that will make you bend, burn and sweat!

See you in the studio.


Yoga Instructor


I’m Yas! I have been practicing yoga for over 8 years now. My first class was in a small, heated room above a coffee shop. It was one of the hardest and most rewarding hours I had spent.

Although I am new to teaching, my love for guiding and helping others has always been apparent. I believe that your yoga teacher has an incredibly important role in helping you fall in love with your breath, movement and the power you have over your mind and body. That’s why I started my journey with teaching yoga- to allow people to sweat, breathe and challenge themselves with absolutely no judgment.

I will be guiding you through your slow and vinyasa hot flows. Practicing alongside me I hope you will find how strong and able your mind and body really are. I can’t wait to see you on your mat! 

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